Since 1970 MusicSchool has provided In-home music lessons to children and adults.

Learn in the comfort of YOUR own home, seven days a week.

In-Home Music Lessons

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Our suggested lesson times for music lessons are a minimum of 1 hour, once a week(depending on the age of the student); Multiple instruments may require separate instructors and therefore separate lesson times will be needed. In some cases, we may be able to provide one instructor for more than one instrument (i.e. piano/voice, piano/guitar, etc.).


Our teaching schedule does not follow the school calendar. Music Lessons are available year round. You can start lessons at any time during the year. All lessons are sold in pre-paid blocks of (4). Since teachers are driving to your location we enforce a strict 24-hour cancelation policy. Summer lessons are available and encouraged and can be a fun time to try a new instrument!


Over the years more and more adults are learning and relearning how to play a musical instrument. The teachers in the system work well with children and adults of all ages.